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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Personal Brand Design tiger woods

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Personal Brand Design

It’s said that a person will be more successful in their career or venture when they’re backed up by personal branding. While it may seem like a lot of extra work to do so, it’s important to present an image that’s not only professional, but shows that you’re an expert in your field. Even if you’re new to your niche, your personal brand will still present you as an authoritative source of knowledge a potential employer, client, or business [...]


How to Select a Theme for Your Brand Package

When you’re ordering a brand package from a graphic design or printing firm, you’ll need to choose a theme for one cohesive look. The theme is similar to a subject, or what it is that your business does. For example, an aquatics business may have a theme relating to the ocean, or a coffee shop a theme relating to coffee cups or treats. It’s also important to have a cohesive theme, so that your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and [...]