How to Select a Theme for Your Brand Package


When you’re ordering a brand package from a graphic design or printing firm, you’ll need to choose a theme for one cohesive look. The theme is similar to a subject, or what it is that your business does. For example, an aquatics business may have a theme relating to the ocean, or a coffee shop a theme relating to coffee cups or treats. It’s also important to have a cohesive theme, so that your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and brochures all coordinate together.

A basic brand package will start with a logo design, a business card, and a basic website. Premium packages will include full stationery, rack cards, and other promotional materials.

Here are a few ways to help you select a theme for your brand package.

(1) Audience

Your audience are the ones who are going to be attracted to your brand theme. Consider your audience first. Your theme needs to be appropriate to your company and must go beyond simply looking good. This is also applicable to choosing options that are also applicable to your industry. Customers should be attracted to your theme, so that the next step of the sales funnel can occur.

(2) Uniqueness

You’ll want to choose a unique theme for your business. See what your competitors are doing, and try to do something different. If they are all using the same images of the products they sell in their logo, try to choose something different.

(3) Adaptability

Can your theme be reflected in your logo, or is it too much? Is it something that can be used for all of your stationery, promotional materials, and website? Your theme needs to be adaptable to any type of online or print materials.

dell-brand-identity-package(4) Recognizable

Is your theme recognizable at a glance, or does it leave your customers wondering what it is your company does? While the bigger brands may be able to get away with a vague and abstract logo, your company should have a solid design. A clothing business needs to be recognized as such, or a clinic, or an autobody shop. You don’t want customers to get mixed up and think you have a costume rental shop, salon or retail car outlet.


(5) Popularity

There is nothing wrong with selecting a popular business theme. Often certain themes can be based on trends. One year it’s popular to have an abstract design, another year it’s popular to use pastels. Do your research to see what is popular today, and then see how you can do your own unique twist on it.

You want to ensure that you get your theme right the first time. It can be costly picking a theme, and then changing it after your website has been created, or your stationery or promotional materials have been printed. A theme should readily identify in seconds what exactly it is that your company does. It should be bright and attractive, and encourage people to contact you for further information, or encourage people to buy products off your website.

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