Don’t do these 5 critical mistakes when creating your logo

Designer Drawing

According to the experts, every one of us is exposed to a minimum of 5000 logos per day. Logos are everywhere and on everything. Yet, even many businesses with bright futures make the grave mistakes one should avoid when designing a logo. And here lies the source of some of their struggles. It is extremely difficult to get customers to remember a bad logo!

How then can one make their logo stand out?

The following mistakes should be avoided when you decide on creating your logo:

(1) Drawing Your Logo Yourself

In a bid to reduce cost or maybe get a logo fast, many business owners embark on creating their logos themselves. While their intentions are good when they set out, their creation is mostly disastrous, whether they know or admit it or not.

(2) Forgetting About Your Customer

When designing a logo, the rule of thumb is to design for your customer with your customer in mind. Most people fail in this. They design their logos to their own taste and expect the customers to just go with it. Before designing, ask yourself these and many similar questions: Who are my customers? What is their age bracket? Will they prefer something playful or an image portraying trust? What do they like and dislike? You goal should be to appeal to them using your logo.

KFC Copy Logo
Copying the KFC Logo

(3) Looking Too Much Like Your Competitors

Most people make the mistake of copying their competitors who are successful and think they too will. Don’t! If your logo looks like those of others, you’ll end up losing those customers who’ll confuse your products with those of your competitors. Notice how Pepsi decided to be different from Coca-Cola, the leader in the industry with a primary color of red. Pepsi’s main color is blue. This gave them a unique place in their consumers’ minds.

(4) Thinking That Colors and Fonts Don’t Matter

Well to put it straight from the beginning, they do! Green usually conveys prosperity, health and freshness; Red portrays excitement, strength, power and boldness hence so many of the world’s leading brands have red as their primary color; How about blue? It portrays responsibility, dependability and Authority hence you find investment and life insurance companies using it for their logos. You see, colors matter, just don’t pack your logo full with them.

How about fonts? They too do. Your fonts shouldn’t portray you as ordinary though you want it readable hence you don’t find Ariel and Times New Roman in most great logos. These fonts are good for word processing but don’t have an original feel! The font chosen by you should perfectly support and represent your business and products/services. Avoid being too trendy though, it’s bound to become dated in a near future.

(5) Trying to Communicate Too Much With Your Logo

One problem often made by small business owners is that they design a logo that says too much and does not communicate anything well. Instead of this, simply focus on one image your customers will remember well.

Conversely, many others create logos that say too little, stand for nothing or are too simple. Don’t be found here either. Pick a logo type or an icon which will enable your customers easily identify your products and remember and understand your business.

Before venturing to create a logo, be sure you fully understand these points. Don’t make any of these mistakes.

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