Color Selection Guide for Your Logo

Color Selection Guide for Your Logo

In designing a logo, a basic color combination consists of just two colors that must look appealing when combined. An advanced color scheme usually involves more colors. For one to successfully create a color logo balance, he/she needs to employ different color schemes. Below some important tips you need to know about color combination;

Why color is necessary

The color on your brand can identify for your product. For example, if your business is to sell physical goods, your packaging will be unique in the midst of competition. The color of your brand will enable you to gain recognition in any promotional media.

How/were to start

Symbolism is a new tool devised to assist you in this regard. It is an interactive observation of word and color associations. Each page loads a new word, from which you select a color you feel represents. After which results are aggregated allowing you to see the most popular color associations.

Consider the cultural explanation of your color

In the Western part of the world, white represents peace and purity. In some areas of Asia white represents death. That is why you have to ensure that the color you select gives the right impressions.

Pick an opposite color to that of your major competitor

If you’re the first in a new industry, then you have the opportunity to pick first. You have to choose a color that suits the product and its personality. If you are the second, then that you can’t choose the same color, pick the opposite instead. You can pick blue if your competitor has already picked red, or pick purple if yellow has already been taken, etc.color-wheel1

Choose your colors carefully

Every color, has its implications for a logo design. As a designer, you should carefully pick your colors so as to enhance specific elements your logo and bring variation to your message by using a shade and tone.

Your Logo Design has to be Versatile

If your logo keeps looking great on posters, but horrible on mugs, it won’t gain popularity. If your logo is a slave to a particular color scheme, it won’t do well. A logo should always look good even though it is displayed in black or white, or it is set in colors that aren’t part of the original design. Take a look at the KW logo. It is a versatility logo design and is portrayed as one of the best many logo designs can be picked from them.

Ensure Your Logo design tells a Story

All logos have a story to tell. If your view of his work a logo should look is as that of a plain text, artwork or as a pattern of lines, you will fail to unravel the deeper reason or to mean behind the logo as every logo has one. An ideal, logo has two stories to tell the public;

  1. A clear story
  2. A hidden story

Note that bright colors are attention grabbers, but they can appear brash. While muted tones convey a more advanced image, but can still be overlooked.

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